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from 01.01.2023 no more shipping to Austria and France.                                                                                                                                                                                     -->despite licensing for the packaging material, the costs are further driven up by the mandatory designation of an authorized representative in these countries ! Therefore, there will be no more shipping to these countries directly. (An order is possible with dispatch within Germany or self collection) The costs are in no relation for us. Just contact your dealer

Our advice

HO- 500071 Residential house of the 50s with corner shop -
59,50 EUR
HO- 500370
16,30 EUR
HO- 0160 Prussia. Residential building "Baruth" according to original plan of KPEV
65,00 EUR
HO- 500171
63,80 EUR

New product

0- 142700 carfloar f. Lenz 42100 x05 (big 0,85mm)
7,95 EUR
7,95 EUR per peace