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Dear customers,

in the meantime CORONA ebbs a little bit, so that an orderly production will be possible again soon.


  •  for many articles the delivery time could be shortened again in the meantime; div. is already "in stock" again
  •  for organizational and simplification reasons the minimum delivery time (from receipt of payment) is still 5-21 days in the store.  
    --> --> Usually it goes even faster
  •  From 01.07.2021, a new regulation applies to VAT (sales tax deduction for foreign customers "Keyword: delivery thresholds - sales in the EU") Costs me time for the possible adjustment !, which I am then missing elsewhere ...
          Novelties for N, TT, HO (gauge zero later): --> enlightened as always applies: according to prototype + original planyes

current change in the store:

  •       Novelties may be initially marked as "not for sale".
  •      Please note that new items will be added continuously. (there is a lot to catch up)
  •      In time before production starts I will allow pre-ordering

On my own account:

MOEBO cannot get a corona promotion ! (because of main job)Fairs etc. are still a NO GO for me !   Clear announcement: No vaccination received, no participation on my part....
One infected person is enough, at such an event. An unteachable, which wants to come despite CORONA absolutely / must !
Sorry, without tests for such events are for me despite smaller numbers an incomprehensible procedure. Commerce wins !
Maybe it will be something until Christmas with a vaccination, on the waiting list ... I'm already long ... if we would not continuously throw away Imfdosen, maybe already 2021 ?

from now on the choice of the parcel service for D is possible again!
For "small purchases up to 50 €" with dispatch into the EU foreign country a transmission is possible as an insured small package

older residues are reworked due to illness... (85%), however, have already been largely repaired. 4 months Failure are just not beside the main occupation

Available soon at our store!

0- 141300 HO- 500310 office building + equipment shed on coal storage original plan new 2021
63,30 EUR
HO- 000095
29,95 EUR
HO- 500127 prussian block station -according to original plan -brick beige and weathering- new 2021
33,50 EUR
33,50 EUR per peace
N- 0824
35,00 EUR
N- 800300 office building + equipment shed on coal storage original plan new 2021
24,95 EUR
24,95 EUR per peace
N- 800321 - dark -
15,90 EUR
15,90 EUR per peace

Our advice

HO- 500071 Residential house of the 50s with corner shop
52,00 EUR
HO- 500240
19,99 EUR
HO- 0160 Prussia. Residential building "Baruth" according to original plan of KPEV
65,00 EUR
HO- 500171
59,99 EUR