Welcome to MOEBO !   STAND 06/2020
(update of our onlineshop on 28-06-2020; if problems occur please report them; thanks)

I'll just say "Thank you."

Many thanks to my customers, who continue to place their trust in me in the currently not so easy time for all of us !
The death of small businesses or shops in the coming months with empty, taped shop windows will accompany us. Also the one or other manufacturer will not be able to continue as before and give up.

In any case I will not apply for a Corona grant. (Thanks main job)

Reduction in value added tax as of 01.07.2020:
I will not be able to participate in the VAT reduction. This may be "nice" for the buyer at first glance, but it does not help me at all as a small business owner. Just a lot of work and bureaucracy.
Unusual fairs and additional expenses, restrictions cannot be discussed away. By the way, the reduction should also help the companies to generate a part of the "losses" through higher (net) income. Especially the small companies and the gastronomy and handicraft.

For many years the prices for my products have remained almost continuously the same despite considerable additional costs for energy, cardboard and taxes, personnel or also disposal - yes, the disposal of the packaging etc. is also to be paid ! That I have carried.
To ensure that Moebo continues to stand on solid ground, I am therefore using the reduction for the long overdue price adjustment.
What does this mean for you? Nothing, really! The gross prices remain unchanged.

What will 01.01.2021 bring?
Since nothing is known yet, except that the value added tax will be "raised" again, but nobody has been informed about the planned tax increases - who has to pay the whole aid - yet (I think about trade tax and tax on energy), we have to wait and see.

But one thing is already clear: The time until then will be used for many innovations and the backlog of new announcements will be worked on.

Important info:  
Delivery time: First of all I would like to process the necessary post-production and still open order.
*** for organizational and simplification reasons the minimum delivery time is now 7 - 21 days in the shop.  Usually it goes even faster ***

*** Due to many inquiries and orders there will be longer delivery times for some items in the next few days***

On my own account:
I can't and won't follow the hype of having a prototype ready with a picture at the beginning of the "fair" in January.
The list of novelties will be updated from now on (up to 4 times a year with pictures etc.). Therefore the "finished" novelties are available earlier in delivery or promptly.

Novelties 2020 pdf --> the "Accessories" will follow in a little time interval as an addition.

A pre-order possibility for the still missing articles novelties etc. in N - TT - HO - 0 in the shop is only possible at a later time.
Harsewinkel in N: The kit is almost completely produced. The loading ramp is currently being revised. "It works / will be even more -optical- filigree" !

MOEBO also contributes to this:   From now on we ship via DHL - Packstation --> "around the corner 2x a week" and via a kiosk with Hermes parcel shop --> but from now on only once a week !   You decide with your order as before.  (Changes result from the situation)

from now on the choice of the parcel service for D is possible again!
For "small purchases up to 50 €" with dispatch into the EU foreign country a transmission is possible as an insured small package

older residues are reworked due to illness... (85%), however, have already been largely repaired. 4 months Failure are just not beside the main occupation


Our advice

HO- 500071 Residential house of the 50s with corner shop
52,00 EUR
Shippingtime: sold out new produktion
HO- 500171
59,99 EUR
59,99 EUR per peace
Shippingtime: 7-21 days


HO- 500370
RRP 17,00 EUR
Only 14,45 EUR
14,45 EUR per peace
Shippingtime: 7-21 days