Welcome to MOEBO !   version 05/2021 2.0

Attention: due to current occasion: (TROUBLE !)

from 26.5.2021 - 9.06.2021 vacation (!!) and rarely processing. after almost 1.5 years CORONA restriction there is a time out !

for many articles the delivery time could be shortened in the meantime; most is already "in stock" again

for organizational and simplification reasons the minimum delivery time (from receipt of payment) is still 5-21 days in the store.
Usually it is even faster

Dear customers,
the constantly changing new CORONA regulations also influence MOEBO/myself as onemanshow (besides the main job).
The one or other project has to be postponed because time windows sometimes cannot be planned.
It goes on step by step. The last backlogs will be worked off as soon as possible.

mfg Dirk Möller alias MOEBO

  • it goes successively by DHL/german Post on the way yes I ask for patience - also I am subject to the CORONA - rules

current change in the store:

  •      Novelties are first marked as "not for sale" 
  •      Of course you can make a non-binding reservation by mail.
  •      Please note, that there will be new article settings continuously. (there is a lot of catching up to do)
  •      In time before production starts I will allow you to pre-order

=>>  new 2021 pdf   will come successively with some "goodies" - unfortunately this is also a consequence of the current restrictions-.

       in advance for
N, TT, HO ( zero later): --> enlightened as always applies: according to prototype + original planyes

  •           series "prussian models" will be completed by some desired models according to prototype
  •          new railroad houses
  •          new freight sheds / storage buildings
  •          innovative accessories and "small kits

CORONA + On our own account:
MOEBO cannot get a Corona promotion ! (because of main job)
Not only that no fair sales / presentation can take place, but also my suppliers (e.g. cardboard) and the postal service providers for shipping are working very limited at times. This may have an impact on my production/manufacturing. So it may well take a little longer. Please inform yourself at post etc.  about their current restrictions. For this I ask for understanding.

from now on the choice of the parcel service for D is possible again!
For "small purchases up to 50 €" with dispatch into the EU foreign country a transmission is possible as an insured small package

older residues are reworked due to illness... (85%), however, have already been largely repaired. 4 months Failure are just not beside the main occupation


Available soon at our store!

Our advice

HO- 500071 Residential house of the 50s with corner shop
52,00 EUR
HO- 500240
19,99 EUR
HO- 0160 Prussia. Residential building "Baruth" according to original plan of KPEV
65,00 EUR
HO- 500370
16,30 EUR