floor N scale

You can simply place our load floors on the existing floor or stick them on.

Precision engraving in real wood look for a true-to-scale and realistic true-to-scale wood structure.
Our load floors have a true-to-scale wood engraving
Funierholz still has the wrong scale !

The raw material is a high-quality architectural cardboard.

Please also contact us if your measure/model is not listed.


  •     No transverse grain as with floors using real wood or veneer.
  •     Reproduction of a wear and tear in a model-like manner
  •     Playback of the nailing. Sometimes also discreetly... the holes are not to be seen nevertheless in the model fast any more.
  •     not for outdoor use or to accentuate
  •     Cardboard thickness: approx. 0.35-0.38 mm
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