About us

About us

As a friend of the early epochs, the selection of interesting kits is still very limited for me.

Often there are only a few small series models, mostly made of resin. Unfortunately, the few kits produced in mass production are not always convincing. Therefore one is to a large extent dependent on the do-it-yourself construction.
The new production processes using special cardboard and state-of-the-art laser technology mean that the desired buildings can already be produced in small quantities today.

After I had my first Prussian model buildings built for my Prussian diorama, the resonance and demand showed me that there are like-minded people.
The produced kits are - as far as indicated - kits according to original drawings and thus historically authentic buildings.


  •  In 2009 the first building was the outbuilding of the railway station Baruth (line Zossen-Elsterwerda south of Berlin not far from the royal military railway) according to the original construction plan of 1907. It served at the same time as lounge, sleeping place, kitchen and lamp room.
  •  From the same station in 2010 - 2012, the magazine, the post and the Prussian railwayman's house were added.
  •  Since 2011 we also have the gauges Z, N, Z due to the many requests in the program starting with the first buildings from "Baruth"; first load floors in HO are in our program, these are characterized by a precision engraving in real wood optics. Of course on the right scale !
  •  2012 we have extended our program with the station "Mölln" in HO and "Straelen" further, further kits in N, Z, TT were added, with the tuning set to the fleischmann/märklin turntable incl. new house we have won many new customers and convinced of the lasercut.
  • In 2013, we also added the loading floors in gauge 0 and our first building of this gauge to our range. Special attention is paid to our ancillary buildings with falling plaster in all gauges. In HO, it has been nominated by the railway magazine for the 2013 Model of the Year award.
  • In 2014, we added further buildings with sloping plaster and in various gauges to our product range. Further railway worker's house in HO for settlement purposes. We now have loading floors for almost the entire Lenz-Spur 0 range.
  • 2015 we have extended our range of railway houses and made some announcements also for track 1. In addition, there are also universal loading floors in track 0 available upon request.   
  • 2016 our kit "Harsewinkel" is in great demand . A confirmation of our model policy / Railwayman townhouses in TT + N   
  • 2017 Expansion of the TT program was one of the focal points (over 20 novelties !) residential house of the 50's with attached shop pleased also the press. MOEBO celebrates and brings the item 5 from Bochum Riemke   
  • 2018 -- unfortunately MOEBO had to suspend about 4 months due to illness, therefore new products come successively in the 2nd half of the year. first, arrears have to be cleared up 
  • 2019 the effects of 2018 are soon worked off The main innovation is now "Marl-Sinsen" as a replacement for the now demolished Essen-Nord equestrian signal box.
  What will the future bring?   .... as a "one-man company" I have many new ideas, but one thing is clear: I will remain true to my previous line. D and there will be kits again that are "missing" ...

... and so quite incidentally for my modules in the club many other role models will also find their place in "small".

and how did I come from MOEBO : quite simply: ller - Bochum