About us

As a friend of early epoque the range of kits is very little.

You find sometimes small batch series, mostly built of "resin".

With the new new production methods with laser and cardboard we can realise this.
After my first preussian building was produced by third party i get so much resonance, so that "MOEBO" was born:

  • In 2009 the outhouse "Baruth" (station  of the railroadtrack Zossen-Elsterwerda -south of Berlin-) based on original plan from 1907 was the first kit in HO.
  • 2010-2012 next buildings of "Baruth" specially magazin, dwelling, house of the gatekeeper
  • since 2011 we have also the scales in Z, N,
  • first flours in HO  respresented extra gravur of real wood.